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I am rather proud of many of the projects on which I have worked.
Est. 1999, basically, is a visual confirmation of past projects, a blowing of my own horn, a presentation of translator-related topics, and an occasional departure into other areas that I deem worthy of presenting. Enjoy.

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Dario Fo: Malerei / Paintings 1945-2012

(ISBN-10: 3925782788 / ISBN-13: 978-3925782787) Hardcover, 136 pages, with texts by Peter Femfert, Stefania Canali, Sarantos Zervoulakos, and Dario Fo.
This catalog was published in conjunction with a retrospective-style exhibition on display at Die Galerie, Frankfurt from 6 June to 31 August, 2013. Curated Maren Kirchhoff M.A., the exhibition featured over 60 pieces spanning a 70-year period, including the piece shown below.
From the gallery press release (which I also translated): "Multi-talented artists have remained a rarity throughout history, but the Italian Dario Fo (born 1926) is definitely one: as a playwright, set designer, Nobel Prize laureate for literature, instructor and lecturer, painter, actor, satirist and critic he describes and paints the eventful history of his homeland. And he has done so since the 1940s, when as a student at the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera he began to sketch the world around him — continuously, resolutely, ceaselessly."

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