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It all began with the correction of a few texts that had been translated by another time-pressed translator. Within the year, translating had become my main source of income; now, it has long been the only way I put bacon on the table.
I am rather proud of many of the projects on which I have worked.
Est. 1999, basically, is a visual confirmation of past projects, a blowing of my own horn, a presentation of translator-related topics, and an occasional departure into other areas that I deem worthy of presenting. Enjoy.

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Back to Gaya (Germany, 2004)

AKA Bo, Zino & the Snurks. Directed by Lenard Fritz Krawinkel & Holger Tappe. 
This fully computer-animated film, the first such film to be made in Germany, was actually a project of my trusted colleague Finbarr Morrin, but for a variety of reasons he pulled me in to help on the first two versions of the film script (which included both characters and scenes, including sad ones, no longer present in final script). Finbarr accompanied the project to the end and worked alone on the final drafts.
The plot of the movie released, as supplied by Anthony Pereyra {hypersonic91@yahoo.com} at imdb: "The beautiful world of Gaya is home to a community of creatures, known as the Snurks, who are much smaller than humans, but who have an uncanny resemblance to them. But the Snurks are facing imminent danger. Someone has stolen the magic stone called Dalamite without which this world is doomed. Two Snurks named Boo and Zino embark on a dangerous mission to track down and recover the stone. As they attempt to find the stone, their journey takes them into another world that is both strange and frightening!"
The voices of the movie were supplied, in Germany, by (among others) Michael Herbig and Vanessa Petruo, while the big names of the English version were Patrick Stewart and Emily Watson.

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