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I am rather proud of many of the projects on which I have worked.
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Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Sovia: Death Hospital (Germany, 2007)

Written by Raimund V. Tabor and directed by Robert Franke.
As mentioned elsewhere on this blog, I occasionally do subtitles (although I don't do spotting). This one of the many films I've subtitled, rare only in that it's a feature film and not a documentary.
Also rare is that I liked the movie so much that I reviewed it on my trashy film blog A Wasted Life, perhaps the last movie that I worked on that I also reviewed. (My current stance is: never review anything you were in any way involved in — one of the reasons why I never reviewed Transfer [2010 / German trailer], despite finding it the cat's meow.)
The plot of Sovia, as summarized in the review: "Sovia (Diana Radnai) is a young, beautiful and pregnant nurse in a Berlin hospital who is in the midst of losing her egoistic co-worker boyfriend Konrad (Sascha Kudella) to another nurse, the Teutonic blonde Sarah (Andrea Gerhard). A badly beaten emergency patient (Vera Hübner) dies while in emergency treatment, for which Sovia is held responsible. And, as if that weren’t enough, Sovia gets run over by a car, loses her baby and has a near-death experience during which she meets the dead emergency patient, who leaves a strange bruise upon her body. A bruise that is mysteriously passed on to anyone she comes into contact with. Relegated to the nether regions of hospital work due to the accidental death, one by one her coworkers begin to die puzzling deaths, deaths that the police are sure Sovia is answerable for. Can she stop the seemingly steady string of deaths and save herself as well?" 
German Trailer:

Personally, I found the film very atmospheric and suspenseful, and view it as a shame that it remains so unknown. Director Robert Franke has since gone on to write and direct The Basement (trailer) in 2009 and Berlin Dance Battle 3D (2012 / trailer).

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