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It all began with the correction of a few texts that had been translated by another time-pressed translator. Within the year, translating had become my main source of income; now, it has long been the only way I put bacon on the table.
I am rather proud of many of the projects on which I have worked.
Est. 1999, basically, is a visual confirmation of past projects, a blowing of my own horn, a presentation of translator-related topics, and an occasional departure into other areas that I deem worthy of presenting. Enjoy.

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Biomimicry: Inspired by Nature / Biomimikry — Natürlich genial! (2011)

I translated the voiceover text to this 4-part documentary series (TV, 4x52 min, HD) directed by André Rehse. Over at gebrueder beetz filmproduktion, the blurb to the film is as follows: "Humanity is facing huge challenges today: climate change, ocean pollution and non-renewable energy sources are all pressing environmental problems. But nature provides some sustainable answers. The four-part series Inspired by Nature deals with selected biomimicry topics such as locomotion, construction, apperception and processing and also shows how biological processes are applied to solutions of technical problems."
The episodes in detail:
Episode 1: The Art of Movement 
"The first episode, The Art of Movement, gives an introduction to the field of the new science of biomimicry. How can this new discipline help us overcome our limits? What can we learn from nature beyond that?"
Episode 2: Building with Efficiency 
"The second episode deals with the real estate of nature: plants and sponges. They are forced to find the best survival strategy on their 'land'. In millions of years there has emerged a kind of natural archive of strategies and solutions that is being improved. We can utilize this archive, we just need to learn to read and understand it."
Episode 3: Orientation in the Chaos 
"In the third episode we learn how to decode the communication of dolphins, how the collective intelligence of ants works, or how a slime mold helps us improve traffic routes."
Episode 4: Fabrics of Future 
"The fourth and final episode of the series Inspired by Nature shows, by means of numerous examples, how we can get a grip on the problems of our industrial society by consulting the principles of nature."

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