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I am rather proud of many of the projects on which I have worked.
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Saturday, 5 March 2016

LOUISE NEVELSON – Creativity shaped my life

(ISBN-10: 3925782826, ISBN-13: 978-3925782824)
DIE GALERIE, Frankfurt, published this catalog to accompany their career review of the great American sculptor Louise Nevelson. The show ran from 5 June - 6 September 2014. The 120-page, bilingual (German and English) catalog included an introduction by Peter Femfert and texts by Louise Nevelson; Bruno Corà, the director of the Cassino Museo Arte Contemporanea; Dr. Christoph Grunenberg, the director of the Kunsthalle Bremen; Dr. Andrea Stoll; and Damiano Femfert.
The full piece: Untitled, 1982 (Photo: Die Galerie, Frankfurt)

The on-line journal Articulating had the following to say about the artist and show: "The work of American artist Louise Nevelson, one of the most significant sculptresses* of the 20th century, has left an indelible mark on the history of art. Despite the multitude of influences that shine through her art, Nevelson's work defies any specific art historical categorisation. The exhibition LOUISE NEVELSON - Creativity shaped my life in Frankfurt's DIE GALERIE is a retrospective journey of the artist's work in all its essential facets. [...]"
*I can't help but wonder: Does one really still refer to women sculptors as sculptresses? Most women I know would claim otherwise. What's your opinion?

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