Welcome to Est. 1999, the official blog of Abraham Translations. As is perhaps easy to surmise, the name of this blog reflects the year that Abraham Translations was founded.
It all began with the correction of a few texts that had been translated by another time-pressed translator. Within the year, translating had become my main source of income; now, it has long been the only way I put bacon on the table.
I am rather proud of many of the projects on which I have worked.
Est. 1999, basically, is a visual confirmation of past projects, a blowing of my own horn, a presentation of translator-related topics, and an occasional departure into other areas that I deem worthy of presenting. Enjoy.

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Ein Apartment in Berlin / An Apartment in Berlin (2013)

I translated the voiceover texts to this feature-length documentary film by Alice Agneskirchner. The film was produced by Gebrueder Beetz (or, as they prefer it written: gebrueder beetz), for whom I work regularly, in co-production with 3sat and RBB. The filmmaker initially got the film off the ground primarily through persistence and a Gerd-Ruge-Stipendium grant; the final product has proven to be rather a success at film festivals and has already been screened on German TV numerous times.
An Apartment in Berlin combines a historic look at the gradual dispossession and eventual deportation of a Jewish family in Berlin prior to WWII with the lives of three young Israelis who embark on a journey of refurnishing the Jewish family's original apartment. The result is an intriguing and at times tragic look into Jewish life, past and present.

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