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It all began with the correction of a few texts that had been translated by another time-pressed translator. Within the year, translating had become my main source of income; now, it has long been the only way I put bacon on the table.
I am rather proud of many of the projects on which I have worked.
Est. 1999, basically, is a visual confirmation of past projects, a blowing of my own horn, a presentation of translator-related topics, and an occasional departure into other areas that I deem worthy of presenting. Enjoy.

Monday, 19 January 2015

Man Ray — Catalog to the Exhibition at DIE GALERIE

For over 35 years now, DIE GALERIE in Frankfurt am Main has presented a sophisticated exhibition program combining the Classical Modern and selected contemporary artistic positions. 
In collaboration with the Milan-based Fondazione Giorgio Marconi, from 21 March to 1 June, 2013, DIE GALERIE presented a retrospective of the iconic photographer Man Ray featuring over 160 works. The exhibition was accompanied by a 136-page bilingual (German and English) catalog with texts by Janus, Herlinde Koelbel, Giorgio Marconi and Dr. Ingrid Pfeiffer.
I had the honor of translating the German texts into English.
Pub. 20 April 2013; ISBN-10: 392578277X / ISBN-13: 978-3925782770

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